kivā - Ayurveda 2.0!


Q: What is kivā?

A: Ayurveda 2.0. Ayurveda made hassle-free and tasty!

kivā is a ready to drink ayurvedic shot meant for daily consumption. It lets you embrace the health benefits of Ayurveda while being tasty and hassle-free. We believe it is your best chance of making Ayurveda a part of your daily life. Right now we have 6 shots – Amla, Aloe vera, Wheatgrass, Lemon Honey Cinnamon, Immunity and Digestive – each having unique health benefits.

Q: What does kivā mean?

A: Kivā means “gentle protection” to us

kivā means many beautiful things in different cultures. In Sanskrit, it means “gentle” and in Hebrew, “protected”. We combine the two to remind ourselves that our daily shot of health must pack a punch, but gently. 

Q: Who can drink kivā?

A: Anyone and Everyone!

kivā is safe and recommended for everyone across age groups. However, if you have a special condition (for example, are a pregnant or nursing mother) or are being treated for a medical condition, we recommend you check with your doctor first.

Q: How do I choose my kivā?

A: Choose your benefits!

kivā should be chosen purely on the basis of the desired health benefits. Also once you choose a kivā shot, you should stick to a daily routine to realize the health benefits.

Q: How should kivā be consumed?

A: Open it, Gulp it - anytime, anywhere!

kivā is a daily shot which means that it should be taken once daily at one go. It is ready to drink and should not be mixed with anything else. There are no restrictions on when and how you can have yourkivā.

Q: Are there any foods or drinks I should avoid before or after taking a kivā shot?

A: No holds barred!

You can have a kivā shot before or after anything!

Q: Can I have more than one kivā shot (of a single variant) everyday?

A: Yes!

The precise ayurvedic dose depends on gender, age, weight, height, body type (dosha), and lifestyle. Adults can drink one to two of each kivā shots everyday. We recommend a single shot for children.

Q: Can I drink more than one kivā variant every day?

A: Yes!

You can have all four if you like (we call it the Home Run)!

Q: When is the best time for drinking kivā?

A: Anytime is a good time!

You can have your kivā shot absolutely anytime (morning, before and after meals, after gym, during office meetings, after drinks, before sleeping...)

Q: How frequently should kivā shots be consumed?

A: Daily. At Least one shot a day!

Q: Does kivā contain any artificial flavours, colours or essences?

A: No, none of those!

Q: Does kivā contain preservatives?

A: Yes, to preserve Kivā’s nutrients

Preservatives have been unfairly made the bad guys. In fact, they are necessary to preserve the nutritional value of food products and protect against natural oxidation, taste change, microbial growth and break down of vitamins, proteins, amino acids and other constituents.

Q: What is the shelf life of kivā?

A: 6 months – but why wait!

Go for your daily shot today.

Q: How can kivā be stored?

A: Anywhere cool and dry!

Q: Does kivā need to be refrigerated?

A: No, but go ahead if you want to!

You can store and consume kivā at room temperature. But if you like it chilled (we do too), feel free to refrigerate.

Q: In how many days can I expect to start seeing the health benefits of kivā?

A: After 2 weeks

Ayurveda focuses on slow and sustainable replenishment of body nutrients and internal healing. The duration before health benefits start showing up could be vastly different for different people depending on body type, lifestyle and discipline. However, 2 weeks is the least before you can start observing noticeable changes.




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