kivā started with a simple question - when Ayurveda is so good for us, why aren’t more of us making it a part of our daily lives? We searched for the answer in research, reading and surveys and realized something simple: Ayurveda works. But it also feels complicated and old-fashioned. It's not for people like us. Except it ought to be. We decided to do something about it. Thus were born kivā's daily shots of good health. A little more research and many months of hard work later, we now also have kivā's fusion jaggery candies. Ayurveda that is non-boring. Tasty. Attractive. And powerfully healthy.

The Fundamentals


No jargons, no imported herbs or fruits, no shortcuts. We go by our unconditional faith in our own legacy of Ayurveda and what better place to start executing it than the birth place of Ayurveda itself. All our products are conceived, conceptualised and produced completely in India at state-of-the art manufacturing units in Hoshiarpur and Jaipur. All processes from sourcing of ingredients to product packaging are closely monitored by experts.


Ayurveda, which literally translates to ‘the science of life’, is a 4000 year old Indian system of medicine which is so powerful that it can potentially change your life. Not only does it balance your body inside-out, it also provides holistic solutions to a lot of ailments. We picked up some of the most powerful Ayurvedic recipes, took the ugly and boring out and added a lot of taste, style and convenience. Ayurveda that is non-boring, cool and smart!


Fruits and herbs from the foothills of Himalayas, sugarcane from organic farms of Nundarbans, coconuts from their best source in Kerala, spices from Sirohi and Jalgaon, and cinnamon from its most famous place of origin in India - Sikkim... need we say more?


Our aim is to make existing Ayurvedic products and recipes so exciting and interesting for the urban Indian youngsters, that they just can’t resist giving them a ‘shot’... well literally! From powerful juices packed in test tubes to jaggery fused with chocolate and coconut, all our products have an exciting element that makes them undeniably delicious yet immensely beneficial to your health!