kivā started with a simple question - when Ayurveda is so good for us, why aren’t more of us making it a part of our daily lives? We searched for the answer in research, reading and surveys and realized something simple: Ayurveda works. But it also feels complicated and old-fashioned. It's not for people like us. Except it ought to be. We decided to do something about it. Thus were born kivā's daily shots of good health. A little more research and many months of hard work later, we now also have kivā's fusion jaggery candies. Ayurveda that is non-boring. Tasty. Attractive. And powerfully healthy.

This is what you need to do:

1. Collect at least 12 empty kiva shots bottle.

2. Print this form (link here) and fill it up. (If you don't want to print, then just write the details required in the form neatly on a piece of paper)

3. Wash, Rinse and dry the bottles and neatly pack them in a ziplock bag.

4. Send them to us (along with the form) at this address: Processing Department, GoodVitamin Foods Pvt. Ltd., 171,Sector-28, Gurguram-122002.