Trial Pack
₹ 175
Pack of 6 shots
Delivered all-at-once
1 Month Pack
₹ 788
Pack of 30 shots
₹ 875
Delivered all at once | Free Shipping
(Saves 10%)
3 Month Subscription
₹ 2100
3 x Pack of 30 shots
₹ 2625
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Kiva’s Aloe Vera is a natural, Ayurvedic juice shot that aides skin replenishment and glow.
Natural cure for skin blemishes, even as a juice!
Super powerful anti-oxidant, has healing and anti-ageing properties. Its proteolytic enzymes remove dead skin cells that block hair follicles and hence make the skin glow.
What's more? It also helps to balance metabolism, promotes oral health, boosts the immune system, and supports blood circulation. Need we say more?

How to consume:
Ready to drink. No mixing required. Shake well and Gulp!
1 shot every morning (preferably before breakfast).
Consume regularly for minimum 2 weeks. 

What we use:
Aloe Vera juice, Aloe Vera pulp, Honey - all sourced fresh from the foothills of Himalayas.

What we don’t:
Refined sugar, artificial colors or flavours, parabens or sulphates.

Trial Pack: 6 shots (40 ml each)
One-Month Pack: 30 shots (40 ml each)
Three-Month Subscription: 90 shots (40 ml each): 30 shots delivered every month

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