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kivā Digestive

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kivā Digestive

Good health begins with good digestion!

The kivā Digestive shot is a well thought out combination of ayurvedic herbs that boost digestion - triphala, ajwain, cumin, fennel and others, rounded off with honey and tamarind.

Triphala naturally cleanses our system inside while Ajwain provides instant relief from acidity and indigestion. Chitrak is one of the most powerful digestive and carminative herbs in Ayurveda. Cumin (jeera) and Coriander (the humble dhaniya) are used in every Indian household in daily meals - did you know they also accelerate the process of digestion?

Digestion is a natural process - improve it naturally with the best of the Ayurveda.

Ingredients: Triphala, Ajwain, Jeera, Dhaniya, Saunf (fennel), Pippali, Chitrak, Honey

Quantity: 40 ml per shot



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